Sunday, 6 May 2012


   In a year, I will have graduated from college and be on the hunt for the next big life stage. No, not a fulfilling job. A trip across Europe!

   Okay, well, not a hunt since I already know I want to do this. I already know what countries I want to hit on this grand tour; sadly, I have no idea who I want to come with me. Friend? Sister? Other? These things are complicated. Mostly it's very complicated because I want to be gone for at least 2 months. At least 2! Who can take off two months to run off and explore Europe? With a possible side stop in Egypt?

  So, I'm in search right now of a person who is entertaining and "suffers" from extreme wanderlust and who can be gone from the real world for 2 months.

  I'm also trying to decide what kind of packing, planning, and other things this trip will require. I cannot just go to Europe for 2 months without some sort of plan. Decisions.

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  1. My advice? Go even if no one will go with you! As long as you're safe and make smart decisions, you'll meet plenty of other travelers along the way. Plus, you can do what you want and not have to take other people's budgets/plans into account. :) I considered traveling right after my graduation and decided to take a job instead, but realistically, right after graduation is probably the best time to take off. So do it!