Thursday, 17 May 2012

Book Update

  Lately my laptop has been giving me heartache. :( But since it is up and running for now, here is what I've read lately.

  I read Lirael and Sabriel of the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix. I loved them both!! They were the reason I stopped in the middle of Specials. The first book was written a good 10-ish years before the follow-up, and it shows in the book.
Sabriel starts off with her birth, and ends with her coming to terms with what she must do with her life. The best part of the whole book is when she and Mogget, her cat/magical-being, find a wooden boy who is too life-like to be a real carved boy. It's very lucky that she happens to find him and bring him back from his place between Life and Death. He ends up being a major player in the plot of this book and the following books. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The dark and scary

   Ah adventures. They are so fun! Well, they are better when you are better prepared and have the proper footwear. This adventure was excellent. Luckily, I was there to be the slacker voice and the wimp voice. Myself and a few of my friends went on the trifecta of adventures. To run the bases, sneak into the stadium, and climb the coliseum.
   We started our adventure with getting into the baseball field and running the bases. We walked around the field looking for the best way onto the field. We though about climbing and which way would be the best. I stood in the back while all this was going on and thought about how much I could not go to jail. Well, we did find our way in; there was a gate unlocked and level with the field. Brilliant. We got in. My friends ran the bases, and I kept a look out. I'm a nervous nelly, so I couldn't fathom running the bases. They ran them, and we were off to our next adventures.

   After the baseball field, we went to the stadium and searched for the best way in. We had heard about some tunnels that lead into it. Of course, these tunnels started in the cemetery. It was dark, and the cemetery was locked up tight. I thought at this point that the adventure was over. No, we went to the student union and climbed down to the creek that ran into a tunnel that supposedly goes to the stadium. It was very well lit. Easy to climb in, and did not lend itself to injuries. I meandered down to the creek, after removing my shoes and thinking that this was disgusting. We walked down the creek to the tunnels. We picked the one on the right. It wasn't lit. It had 2 inches of water in the bottom of it. It was completely sanitary. Me, being absolutely mental, LOVED it. False. I'm just glad I made it out alive without a scary movie remake. It did make for a good story. I was quite certain that we would be caught, arrested, murdered, raped, any of the above. And nothing bad happened at all! Ahh relief.

  Finally, we had to climb the coliseum. I couldn't. Walking by the climbing wall at work makes me dizzy. There was no way at all I'd be climbing a giant building. So they climbed. Well, slid up on their behinds. It was quite fetching. Especially for girls. The best part was, they climbed, several people saw us, and someone called the cops. We luckily were walking away from the coliseum when the cops made it.

  I am up for adventures. I love them. But I like for them to be planned and well coordinated. Next time we will have headlamps, boots, and nerve. Next time.

Sunday, 6 May 2012


   In a year, I will have graduated from college and be on the hunt for the next big life stage. No, not a fulfilling job. A trip across Europe!

   Okay, well, not a hunt since I already know I want to do this. I already know what countries I want to hit on this grand tour; sadly, I have no idea who I want to come with me. Friend? Sister? Other? These things are complicated. Mostly it's very complicated because I want to be gone for at least 2 months. At least 2! Who can take off two months to run off and explore Europe? With a possible side stop in Egypt?

  So, I'm in search right now of a person who is entertaining and "suffers" from extreme wanderlust and who can be gone from the real world for 2 months.

  I'm also trying to decide what kind of packing, planning, and other things this trip will require. I cannot just go to Europe for 2 months without some sort of plan. Decisions.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Woo. (If you worked with me you'd understand.)

The book challenge starts today!! I'll be kicking it off with Adverbs by Daniel Handler. While reading the Old Kingdom Trilogy and finishing off the Uglies Trilogy. (So MANY trilogies, and they are SO good).